About Blue Maru

Blue Maru was created from our hearts and is here to create a brighter place in such a dark world.

We are passionate about art and how we can use it to take steps in building a better world.

The mission of Blue Maru is to bring joy, happiness, tranquility, and spread love in the lives of people and their spaces, to bring awareness to depression, and other mental health issues, and to promote non traditional and holistic ways of healing through creativity and sharing art.

We believe that everyone deserves compassion and love as well as uplifting on a daily basis.

More About Heather

Creativity has always been a part of my life. Something about creating gives a feeling of satisfaction. Since I was a kid I always wanted to do things with my hands (except cleaning). I always felt like I accomplished something when I made things and I was always so proud of what I made.

It started with crafts, as well as constantly being surrounded by music. Music became a huge part of my life with my parents' musical influence on me. I got a bachelors degree in music media and graduated with wild ideas of changing the music industry and becoming a film scorer. The problem was I wasn't passionate about it like I had once been. I looked for other ways to create and express myself and ideas but they all felt like hobbies.

Painting was never an option until I finally convinced myself to give it a try. I fell in love immediately. I loved that there were so many techniques and ways to create many textures that not only give a painting an interesting dynamic, but also allows my heart to paint with love. I am not restricted to using certain tools or mediums. I can use my hands and create ways for others to connect with my work.

Color has an affect on all of us whether we notice it or not. The high level of pigments in acrylic paints create the strikingly beautiful colors I use and gives me more inspiration than I'll ever need. I am inspired by a lot of what I see because of color. It may fill me with hope or optimism and a lot of times ambition. I want to share these positive feelings through my work. My paintings are meant to inspire, to give hope, and share love. It is part of my way of making the world a little bit of a better place.

Throughout my life I've lived in several states. I've lived in mountains, college towns, and suburb areas, hot and cold places, friendly and hospitable areas, and places where people won't give you the time of day. Besides my upbringing, the places I've lived have had the biggest influence on the person that I am today.

I'm from Louisiana, a place rich in culture and hospitality. The people here make it their job to make sure that you are well fed, happy, and having a good time. This has also become my job. I aim to incorporate this kind of love into my work. 



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